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5 Must Do for Superior UX

Whether your first technology experience was with a Windows based machine, or more recently an Apple or Android mobile device, one thing that is for sure, a lot has changed in the world of app development. Whilst each of these operating platforms has its pluses and minuses in relation to UI design, the one thing that is common to all platforms is that almost all customers rate any particular app primarily on UI, that is to say once the effects of the companies’ smooth marketing campaigns wear off. With this in mind we will take a look at the 5 must haves when considering your UI design.

1. Keep it simple stupid. 

The first essential element to consider when designing a successful user interface is to ensure that you do not make a mess of things by over complicating for the sake of over complicating. Customers expect an app and it’s UI to be well organised and intuitive. Buttons should be arranged and placed in a manner, which will allow the customer to easily feel his or her way through the app in the easiest way possible. The best way to ensure that your App Design and UI is to have non-tech savvy friends and family members (or other testers) test the UI’s overall layout in terms of intuitive flow and provide feedback. When it comes too mobile app design simplicity and the intuitive factor rule the day, so make sure that you subscribe to the KISS principle; Keep It Simple Stupid.

2. Planning & professionalism prevents poor outcome.

It is all to often, and sadly a reoccurring trend, that amateur App Developers and App Designers are employing under qualified teams to try and develop their concept. One of the most tempting, and completely fool hearty decisions that a company or a start up can make is to engage an unqualified software developer. Companies that are developing software such as mobile apps – often believe that they can create a rich user interface environment without the help of professional app development firms. Underestimating the complexity of the job, and the expertise, time, and commitment needed to create a world-class user interface, is one destroy an app development build and possibly even put the entire job into a state of flux.

3. Make your app a master of one not a master of none. 

Be very clear about the purpose of what and why you are designing your mobile app user interface. This is the very question you should not only have answered a hundred times before, but it is also a question which should continue to guide the design of your app’s UI, at every step of the app development cycle. Questions such as whether or not you desire the user to intuitively find certain parts of the app’s architecture easier than others and just how much time you desire the user to spend using the app will help determine the UI’s overall layout.

4. What is the User’s Core Motivations.

When engaging and app developer or app designer to develop your user interface, there are a couple of ways your company can make sure that you cater for your audience correctly. An interface can be developed which attempts to satisfy all possible users and all possible user preferences, or you can choose to develop a UI which is tailored to the group which is most likely to download and use that particular app on a more regular basis. The key message here is to be clear about who your users area, who will become evangelists of your product and what does their UI look like?

5. Keep your app design fresh relevant and up beat. 

Strike the right balance between functionality and design. Too much of functionality and your app will be dull and boring. Too much of design and groovy UI and you will be in breach of point 1 (KISS). This being said, if Steve Jobs taught us anything, it’s that design matters. Be sure to use colors, customized graphics, interesting sounds, and rich textures to create a true user atmosphere, but don’t cross the fine line that sits between, funky and just plain fruity.

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