8 Tips on using Facebook for Business

Facebook has evolved far beyond just being a social media site, it is the social media site. The figures speak for themselves, with the number of people using Facebook dwarfing the number of users on any other social media site including Twitter and LinkedIn. This social media giant is also the ideal medium   in which to connect with customers both locally and internationally. Keep in mind certain tips that can help you use this site even more effectively and don’t forget that you can also use it to reach out to your existing customers and help entice brand new business.

Design Design Design

A well melbourne app development designed Facebook page for your business, is the starting point of any online marketing effort. If you own a clothing label, posting professionally taken photographs of your famous dishes online not only increases your brand awareness but is also more likely to return positive feelings from potential customers. Your Facebook page should help people feel comfortable as soon as they open the link. Creating a site that is full of exciting details about your business whilst including links to any favourable reviews like on Yelp or Google will be well received by your customers. Oh and don’t forget to make your online marketing campaign as personal as you can. 

Keep it coming

Facebook is a great place to blog and reach out to your customers. A business owner should be looking to update their Facebook content on alternate days of the business week. An update can be local news that pertains to your business directly or it may be a more generalised update on interesting happenings within your industry. Don’t be afraid to advertise your employees by way of a short Bio or Q and A, after all they are the most valuable part of your business. Encourage engagement from the wider community with all of your online marketing strategies.

Link Link and More Links

There is the right way and a the wrong way to link business to your website. The best way is to incorporate them into your posts and allow clients the ability to click though to the referenced article or author. It is also well worth letting the author of the business you are linking too know in person. They’ll help bring visitors to your site while you do the same for them.

Stick to the Spend

It literally costs peanuts to boost your post (say $10 AUD) and this will ensure that the number of people reading your post is exceptionally larger. A sponsored post can help you highlight important things such as an upcoming sale or other special offers.

Encourage Engagement

Thank customers for their patronage. Welcome their constructive criticism with humour and humility. If you get questions or compliments about your business, this is the perfect place to respond to your readers. Make sure that you leave a memorable reply when possible and more importantly, listen to what your customers are saying.

Even Facebook has limitations.

Although Facebook app developers is by far the largest social media platform, it should be used in conjunction with other social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Also be aware that speaking with an actual person at Facebook is extremely difficult. Any problems you have may take time to resolve, so it is best you use a professional internet marketing company.

Brand is key

Make sure that each post, regardless of the topic, is consistent with the brand message of your business. Do not fall into the age old trap of confusing your customers as to what your brand identity actually is, like so many online marketing companies do. Ensure that your brand marketing message is consistent with each and every facebook post.

Facebook only works with a good website.

Facebook is like the street salesperson, exceptionally good at getting people into your business, but you should also have a website that you can link to on the your page that will rank in a Google search for your services. Think of Facebook the entrance to your business. Your website is the real place where you promote your company. The website should be an expansion of your business with a great many more details than the user can see on your Facebook page.