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  • Functionality

    We build apps that people want to use. It is as simple as that. Through experience we have learnt how to turn your ideas in to a functional platform that users will recommend time after time. We have a number of methods from which to test the market and assess the best functionality and design for your App.

  • Agile Development

    We encourage evolutionary development, adaptive planning, continuous improvement, early delivery, and above all else we embrace rapid and flexible response to change. We understand that ideas evolve over time, so we build our platforms to allow flexible agile development every step of the way.

  • Don’t over scope

    Time and time again we hear from clients who have been through the app developers churn wheel. Big app companies are notorious for building complex, full scope, multi platform apps from the beginning, exhausting client funds before considering what functionality potential users actually want.

  • Budget Control

    We don’t want to be another churn wheel app company. Nick Thorn Design considers all their clients as long term partners. We understand that budgets and time frames may vary from person to person, so we work with each individual to give them the best possible platform within their budget.

Our App design & development process is simple

At Nick Thorn Design we don’t charge by the number of technical terms we can create, we simply work with our clients deliver outstanding apps that people enjoy using not just once but as apart of their daily routine.

Our Mantra is simple;

Functionality above all else
Don't over scope
Test the market
Keep is simple

One of the Best App Designer & Developers located in Melbourne, specialised in IOS, Android, Mobile & Web Apps!

We have a large team of expert web & app developers who make the impossible possible and the impractical useable. Our designers have been responsible for designing hundreds of modern, clean websites both locally and internationally.

Our app developers and design team work hand to;

Make the highly technical, highly useable
Develop with Agile methodology
Built flexibility into our platforms
Scope today, for future needs

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