Beacons, Wearables and the big bucks!

Why app developers are in love with Beacons and Wearables

It is easy to see why indoor location mapping has the big investment firms in a frenzy. As humans we spend most of our time in doors, be it at work, home or commuting to and from work. Up until now the technology around indoor location mapping has been found wanting, but thanks to companies like Visiongain, whose mobile mapping technology is generating them billions in revenue each year, indoor mapping is now a reality. Oh and if you think your too late to get on board, you are wrong. Industry experts have predicted the industry will continue to grow at an annual rate of more then 20 percent.

So how do beacons work?

Lets take at look at Estimote, a highly creative beacon solution that delivers miniature beacon technology to pretty much any item that you can think of. Estimote Beacons and Stickers are small wireless sensors that you can attach to any location or object. They broadcast tiny radio signals which your smartphone and can receive and interpret, unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness. Beacons work by allowing any smart devices in range of a beacon, to capture that data an distil it in to countless opportunities for tech savvy app developers.

In its most basic form, you have probably seen beacon technology in action at supermarkets and museums where information is projected onto your phone automatically to ensure you get the best experience.  In more advanced technology applications, Philips has been working with Carrefour stores in France to introduce smart LED light bulbs which can transmit light data to cameras on smartphones, all invisible to the human eye.


It is said that the market for consumer wearables technology will reach 70 billion by 2025 and the big players are aware of it. Google, Samsung, Apple and a plethora of other tech companies are investing billions to ensure that they have a seat at the table for years to come. I can hear you saying, well if the big players are already doing it wear to I fit in.

Adapt and Incorporate

Think about how your current business or app can adapt this technology to improve your current business offering. It is critical to remain ahead of your competitors by investing time in research and exploration in relation to business improvement through beacon and mapping technology. Good app developers and start ups melbourne houses should be well across this technology and will no doubt be able to assist you in developing a strategy to incorporate this technology into your current business offering.

Seek and Conquer

Find an opening in your current business offering that can be enhanced by the introduction of beacons, mapping and wearables and talk to an app development team on how to make an idea into a reality.

Think hard of the potential impact that this technology can have on your business if your competitors identify and capitalise on an opportunity to develop a new concept to incorporate beacon technology.

The team at Nick Thorn Design & Online Marketing Melbourne are well equipped to handle all your app development and app design needs and better still, they are update with all current Beacon and Wearable trends.