5 Must Do for Superior UX

Smartphone apps infographics with a hand holding a phone with linked circular icons for shopping  cloud computing mail wifi analytics speech and route finder or maps

Whether your first technology experience was with a Windows based machine, or more recently an Apple or Android mobile device, one thing that is for sure, a lot has changed in the world of app development. Whilst each of these operating platforms has its pluses and minuses in relation to … Read More

Great App – No Downloads!


Like many people you have an amazing idea for an app. You have chosen to develop your app with with an amazing team that have your best interest at heart. Finally the day arrives and everything is perfect, from the design to the look and feel, clearly it is going … Read More

Does My Business Really Need a Mobile App?


The question should really be; If I have an existing mobile-friendly website, should I invest in app development? To often we get asked this question by businesses thinking about mobile app development and speaking not only as app developers but also as strategy professionals, we continue to give the same … Read More

Beacons, Wearables and the big bucks!


Why app developers are in love with Beacons and Wearables It is easy to see why indoor location mapping has the big investment firms in a frenzy. As humans we spend most of our time in doors, be it at work, home or commuting to and from work. Up until now … Read More

A clients view of Nick Thorn Design!


App Development with Nick Thorn Design – A minute with the guys from Urappointment the app developers at Nick Thorn Design! Urappointment is a revolutionary platform that allows athletes from all different sports to find the answer to specific injuries without the hassle of wasting time and money on treatments … Read More

Who should build my app?


Working as an app developer I often ask myself, ‘If I was looking to get an app built by an app developer, what are the things that I would look for when choosing the right app developers to work with? In my view, engaging an app developer is no different … Read More

My app must be first in the market!


Time after time, in the app space, we are confronted by clients who have this overwhelming perception that being first into the market place correlates with instant success. Our experience over the years at Nick Thorn Web Designers Melbourne, supported by historical facts will suggest that being first in any … Read More