Investment Metrics that Count


As with any business, in particular software, there are several metrics that a potential investor will take into account when assessing your business as a potential investment. Further more, it is important that you as the business owner take the time to review these indicators as they can help guide … Read More

Innovation and the Hackathon


Ok, so the buzz word of 2016, for business, students and yes App Developers alike is with out a doubt “Innovation”. Since Christensen’s first article on innovation, almost over night, every company is now the leaders in innovation. Hard to believe that every company has become so innovative all of a … Read More

To Boot or not to Boot?


Nearly all startups require some form of investment to get the wheels turning in the right direction. This is absolutely the case when talking apps, app development melbourne and app design. Depending on the type of startup, the financial figure required can be anywhere from a few thousand to a … Read More

8 Tips on using Facebook for Business


Facebook has evolved far beyond just being a social media site, it is the social media site. The figures speak for themselves, with the number of people using Facebook dwarfing the number of users on any other social media site including Twitter and LinkedIn. This social media giant is also the ideal … Read More

My app must be first in the market!


Time after time, in the app space, we are confronted by clients who have this overwhelming perception that being first into the market place correlates with instant success. Our experience over the years at Nick Thorn Web Designers Melbourne, supported by historical facts will suggest that being first in any … Read More

App development and the big sell!


The ingredients for successful startup melbourne in years gone by consisted of a garage, a truckload of determination and a level of persistence unmatched by most. Apple, Disney, Google and Harley-Davidson all started in a small garage are now among some of the biggest companies in the world and better … Read More

Avoiding common startup mistakes


1 – Jack of all trades, master of none It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of a new startup venture. Ideas are running wild, team members are expanding new ideas and the possibilities of this new business are endless. One of the hardest tasks of … Read More