Innovation and the Hackathon

Ok, so the buzz word of 2016, for business, students and yes App Developers alike is with out a doubt “Innovation”. Since Christensen’s first article on innovation, almost over night, every company is now the leaders in innovation. Hard to believe that every company has become so innovative all of a sudden. It is true, many companies want to innovate, but the reality is that rarely are they willing to commit the necessary money, time and resources to the cause.

As an App Developer, we work with start ups every day of the week and the big difference between these business and most is that they make time for innovation. Without the right structure and dedicated outlets to promote and harness creativity, it simply will not exist with in an organisation.
It well documented that Google has what they call 20% time for innovation, in which staff members get to spend 20% of their time working on innovative projects. In fact, the Forbes list of most innovative companies is filled with examples of companies just like this. Companies who realise the value in providing time for free thought and innovation also realise that it is just as important to set time aside and gain commitment from the organisation to finish any projects that derive from the innovation process.

At Nick Thorn Design, we make a point of setting aside ample time to test, prod, stretch and innovate each and every app and or start up that we work with. If you drop by the office on a Friday you will always see a group of team members bouncing ideas around to improve our client’s processes, business strategy and overall app development. Anything goes in our no hold bar hackathons with no ideas left un touched and no suggestion to wild to explore.

The URappointment Hackathon

In early Feb, the team from URappointment came into Nick Thorn Design after receiving several “interesting” quotes from the big app houses around Melbourne. Over a nice cup of coffee and a quick chat with Nick and his strategy team, URappointment was well on it’s way to becoming a reality.

The first hackathon on URappointment was most enjoyable, with both owners, designers and developers ideas colliding and culminating in in a magnitude of ideas and possibilities.

After the Hackathon, the strategy team quickly set about developing a long term plan to ensure that the URappointment app would collide with the key industry trends within the health professional industry, at a time that would work best.

In a period of 4 months, URappointment went from being an over priced dream to a serious business, creating exceptional value for businesses, health professionals and clients alike.

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