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Building an environmental brand for a good cause

For more than 4 years, the Enviro team has been delivering beds to Charities in and around Melbourne. Back in the early days, there was no branding, no promotion, no website, just one mans ambition to make a difference.

With a couple of intensive sessions, we were able to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that allow Envirosleep to make a real impact in the market place.

A large part of our strategy was to create awareness about the ability of customers to obtain a great quality mattress for an affordable price. We were also able to change the stigma surrounded environmental, refurbished bedding.


“When we heard about the work these guys were doing we simply had to help get them on the map” – Nick Thorn


"I have been working with Nick Thorn Design for a long long time now and each and every project that we sit down to do works out better than I could possibly imagine. Thanks Nick"

Ben Armstrong - Envirosleep Director

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