Intelligent Financial Markets.

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The financial online trading market is a highly competitive industry that has been dominated by a number large players for a long time. Many of the products and offerings are similar between providers and as such the team at Nick Thorn Design made the decision to compete with the big players through innovation and usability. To ensure that users obtained the best experience, our team are constantly running A/B tests, statistical analysis and hotspots to ensure minimal bounce rate and a greater user experience. Our strategy team were able to further refine the preferred target market for IFM, reducing advertising expenditure and increasing website engagement.

“In a highly competitive market, reliability and usability are paramount, so we built this platform to be extremely secure, robust and user friendly”
Nick Thorn

Intelligent Financial Markets

"Working with Nick and his team has helped us revitalise our brand. We would recommend them any day of the week. Looking forward to continue working with them."

Paul Tsangaris - Intelligent Financial Markets CEO

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