Pickings & Parry.

Style for the working man

Building a brand into a way of life!

The guys from Pickings & Parry knocked on the door of Nick Thorn Design after being disappointed with the current website that had been delivered by another design team. After a short conversation we new exactly what the boys were after and just how to build it! We incorporated all their previous work into an image rich Shopify site. Thanks to the design team, Pickings & Parry are now  able to book their clients in for a cut whilst continuing to sell their clothing range online.

Our team far exceeded the expectations of Pickings & Parry simply by listening to the boys and understanding exactly what they wanted to achieve. This is more than a website, it is an online store, it is a booking agent and it is a brand ambassador.

“This is one of the most enjoyable builds that I have been involved with to date. Truly a cool website” – Nick Thorn

Pickings & Parry

Nick Thorn Design has taken our business to the next level. Our website truly encapsulates what we as a business want to portray to our customers

Christopher Pickings - Pickings & Parry Owner

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