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When the other guys won't listen!

The team from URappointment came to Nick Thorn Design after receiving several “interesting” quotes from the big app houses around Melbourne. Over a nice cup of coffee and a quick chat with Nick and his strategy team, URappointment was well on it’s way to becoming a reality.

The strategy team quickly set about developing a long term plan to ensure that the URappointment app would collide with the key industry trends within the health professional industry, at a time that would work best.

In a period of 4 months, URappointment went from being an over priced dream to a serious business, creating exceptional value for businesses, health professionals and clients alike.

“This was a most enjoyable project. Ben and Dave are great guys who were in need of a smooth, responsive app and I was just happy to deliver” – Nick Thorn


NTD has been able to do what the others couldn't and did so for a fraction of the the price. Thanks to Nick, we now have a successful Start Up.

Ben Crowe - URappointment Founder

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