Social Media Marketing Melbourne.

Thing of every customer as an online celebrity with followers, friends, and above all, influence




  • Brand Loyalty

    Thanks to social media, consumers can now easily share information about themselves—their shopping habits, travel preferences, hobbies, religious and political views and more. By incorporating brand loyalty programs into your social media campaign, our team can increase the conversions of one-time buyers into brand evangelists.

  • Brand Awareness

    When used properly, social media is easily the most powerful marketing tool you have available. At Nick Thorn Design we design marketing campaigns that grow exponentially through the power of Social Media. We look at the big picture by leveraging the unique peer-to-peer links between similar individuals within selective target markets.

  • Customer insights

    Our team understands that social media is a powerful listening tool. We use social media to find out what people are saying about your brand and use that knowledge to improve processes, communications, or features. Social media also allows you to humanise your brand, by connecting with them on an emotional level.

  • Targeted marketing

    Social media marketing platforms are purposely made to cater for highly targeted advertising. Nick Thorn Design are the experts when it comes to refining your selected target market and developing meaningful campaigns that engage your clients and their friends, whilst building credible brand awareness at the same time.

Social media gives anyone a voice, we teach you how to be heard.

Social Media allows companies to engage potential customers in their home environment, often when barriers to engagement are low. The team at Nick Thorn Design treat every customer as an online celebrity with friends, followers, family, co- workers and most importantly......influence!

At Nick Thorn Design we incorporate Social Media into our marketing campaigns to increase brand loyalty, convert sales, increase website traffic, improve SEO rankings, improve brand loyalty, increased brand recognition, obtain critical customer insights and enhance our marketing strategies.

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