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  • Build your Idea

    Nick Thorn Design is the perfect partner with which build your unique business idea. Our team will enhance your idea to ensure maximum uptake, multi revenue streams and scalability, whilst minimizing your overall risk exposure

  • Develop Strategy

    From the very first consultation, your strategy consultant will work with you to understand your business concept. Whether your aiming to attract venture capital or seed funding or Our team will then carefully develop a tailored strategy to meal your goals.

  • Incubator/Accelerator

    The team at Nick Thorn Design work with serious entrepreneurs who need an equity free partner ready take on some of the heavy lifting. We are experts in accelerating the growth and success of startups and early stage companies.

  • Raise Capital

    The right idea, with the right team and the right support will attract the right capital. There is plethora of options available to those seeking capital (including grants). Let the team and Nick Thorn Design take you through the journey from idea generation to seed funding and then on to attracting the capital you require.

Keeping startup's simple & powerful

Startup is the buzz word of the modern era and with it comes a plethora of technical terms like data hacking, agile development, seed equity, venture capital, Bootstrap, MVP, FMA, VC, SAAS, Hyper logical, polymath, Mock vortex principal, Paradigm shift, Term sheet; the list goes on. Start up institutions are continually adding to the repertoire of new terms and acronyms that confuse, frustrate and over complicate the work that we do.

At Nick Thorn Design Melbourne, we embrace the true spirit of the entrepreneur by creating an environment that is simple, straightforward and user friendly. Sure we do all the technical stuff, but we prefer not to overwhelm our clients in the process. We are the startup team, ready built for the serious entrepreneur. Our team are extremely enthusiastic about new ideas and designing modern, scalable platforms to ensure maximum growth.

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