WordPress Development in the Modern Age.

A great many of our projects are developed using WordPress. One of the largest benefits of undertaking web development in WordPress is that it has a great community following it with endless resources, a substantial library of inexpensive templates, many of which are reasonably customisable depending on the web design you choose. When we began developing websites for clients about 10 years ago, we were able to provide low-cost websites for individuals, small businesses, and start-ups because whether we used a template or built the website from nothing, we still used WordPress. Most website development 10 years ago was done largely from scratch, using basic HTML which not only took a lot of time but also chewed through the coin rather quickly. This all changed once WordPress arrived.

The WordPress Advantage

By using WordPress in our web design and web development, we are able to reduce the time and cost associated with overall web build. This allows us to complete projects for the more budget conscious people. Many of the start-ups that we work with want to create their own unique feel, but don’t have the budget to do so. With WordPress, our team can usually create a web design and build that suites all budgets, without having to use a themed WordPress site. At Nick Thorn Design, we pride our self on making it possible for people to have a professional looking website, fully customised to ensure your brand identify remains in tact.

Working in WordPress

The beauty of a WordPress is that it is highly customisable.  All the websites maintance that we have developed for our clients are done so with the thought that the client will need to be able to easily change and update sections of the website in the future, without needing to know PHP, CSS, and HTML.  This is an exceptionally popular option for our clients who are in an ever changing business environment.  Through our custom WordPress websites, the power of altering, amending and adding to your website maintance is all at your figure tips.

The Nick Thorn Design Solution.

One of our clients runs a very busy high end restaurant in the Southbank precinct. When they came to us for their website development we couldn’t go past using WordPress.

We built them a fully customised website to allow for constant menu changes, ensuring the staff can easily upload a new menu to the site ensuring that the menu is always looking fresh up to do date.

By using WordPress to create custom fields with the website, our client was able to login, copy and paste the new menu text directly, upload the PDF, and hit save!

With WordPress, updating the site content is an easy as 1,2,3 but with a lot of other web development options, alterations are not so simple and because of this, so many businesses have out-dated content which reflects badly on their business.

Full Theme or Full Custom

There are a plethora of options to choose when looking to build your new website but bare in mind a couple of things. A theme website is rather ridged in what you can and cannot modify. Further more it can be rather hard to enhance your brand via a themed website, purely because with a themed website, a designer has to operate within a rather well defined set of boundaries. Rather than selecting a themed option, purely because of affordability, perhaps a better option is to refine your message and condense it onto few pages, thus reducing the cost of the build and allowing you to build a fully customised WordPress site.

A fully customised website should be designed to build on your core branding strategy and overall brand personality.

The below websites are great examples of fully customised websites, built for a brand and a purpose:




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